It's Mothers Day and some trails in Bridger Canyon WILL BE CLOSED during a prescribed burn by the Gallatin Forest Service. Official details here:

Bozeman – Fire and fuels managers from the Gallatin National Forest are planning to implement a prescribed burn on Sunday May 12, 2013 in the Bridger Canyon area north of Bozeman, MT.

People in the Bridger Canyon and Bracket Creek areas can expect to see smoke in the Bangtail Mountains sometime mid to late afternoon.

The Bangtail Divide Trail that stretches over Grassy Mountain is still holding snow on portions of the trail and runs through the burn area. It will be unavailable for public use during the time of the prescribed burn.

Crews will be lighting the landscape on the ground as well as using a helicopter for aerial ignition.

Prescribed burn today in Bridger Canyon with some trails CLOSED (Photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS)