It's another chance to tag along with folks traveling to Bozeman, Montana - this one in time lapse.

This video is especially nice since the quality and production is so high.

According to writer/director/editor Keith Rivers:

We took a 2011 Chevy Equinoxfrom Seattle to Yellowstone. Clark Koelsch and Director of Photography extraordinaire Chayse Irvin flew up from LA to Seattle.

We hoped in the SUV and took off, driving 2000+ miles...sleeping in parking lots...and finally resting at an assisted living facility before driving a consecutive 15 hours back to Seattle.

Seattle is a frequent road trip destination from Bozeman since it's SO easy. Head west on I-90 for 10 hours and you're done. (There are ALSO direct flights from Bozeman but that takes the point out of this sort of trip..)

Seattle to Bozeman - Google maps
Seattle to Bozeman - Google maps

Writer/Director/Editor Keith Rivers
Written essay: Carey Bolden and Keith Rivers
Director of Photography Chayse Irvin
Actors Clark Koelsch & Keith Rivers
Musician Lila Nelson
Song: "Who is it?"
Special Thanks to Justin Brown for organizing equipment and itinerary.

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