I want to start some seeds indoors even though it is FAR too early. I've got dozens of little packets, far more than I have time or room to deal with. That is not the point.

(photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS)

It's the urge to get the gardening season GOING and I've discovered a seed company that I'm quite fond of.

Even though I'll never be a Master Gardener, this hobby has brought me great happiness, therapy, frustration and a sense of responsibility. Your little plants don't take care of themselves.

If you'd like a couple of good seed companies that are known to be non-GMO, mostly heirloom and organic...let me give you my two faves:

Baker Creek Seeds - You can order online or find dozens of their varieties in Bozeman at Planet Natural on North Rouse. I used these seeds almost exclusively last year and was very happy (except for the stuff I started indoors far too early that didn't have a chance!)

SeedsNow - I stumbled on this company online and ordered MANY packs of their 99 cent packs. They're small packs but as with Baker Creek, SeedsNow touts their non-GMO, heirloom and organic seeds. The customer service was EXTREMELY good. Plus, they have weekly contests for free seeds, coupons in your orders for future discounts and email blasts that have something to offer....no just spam.

Since I don't yet have a proper indoor grow set up, I have to rely on good southern exposure sunlight and a warm house for my seeds to sprout. Sprouting isn't the hard part....it's getting them to develop into healthy plants that is more than challenging.

Good luck, and I'll keep you posted on "Sprout Watch 2015". I'm quite sure I can't wait much longer.

(photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS)