Good news! Bozeman cares about bees and their habitat. We even have a bee expert at Montana State University. Here's how YOU can help our Bozeman bee population...

I spoke with Ruth O'Neill from Montana State University this morning about how all of us can do little things to encourage bee populations and what NOT to do when it comes to maintaining our gardens and yards.

Honey bees are very diverse and lucky for us, there are very few kinds of flowers that DON'T attract bees. Marigolds and Bleeding Hearts are the two main varieties of plants that actually repel bees. (Of course I just bough both of those. Will be sacrificing them in the name of keeping my garden bee friendly.)

Bees love dandelions even though most of us do not. (Photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS)
Bees love dandelions even though most of us do not. (Photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS)

Plant varieties that bloom at different times so that your garden or yard will always have something to offer the bees. (Bulbs in spring, annuals in summer, late bloomers for Fall.)

URBAN PESTICIDES ARE THE #1 DANGER TO BEE POPULATIONS IN BOZEMAN. Many people are nuts about keeps their lawns perfectly green with no weeds or dandelions. Make good choices about what you put on your lawn for weeding and feeding. (Corn Gluten Meal is something that I've tried myself with great success. It can be purchased locally at Planet Natural.)

Having a water feature (even a very small one) can be helpful to bees. It's not really for them to drink the water, but to bring back water to cool their hives.

Montana State University has GREAT information regarding bees in Bozeman. Check out their helpful tips about actual bee keeping and how to make YOUR yard and garden more bee friendly. Bees do more for us than we could ever do for them!


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