We asked the very simple question "What few things are actually making you HAPPY these days?" Some answers were serious, some were simple and some were just funny.

Here's a good sampling of the "happiness" responses:

  • Getting my second Covid shot - hoping we get normal again!
  • 1) handheld burr coffee grinder, 2) broader discussion of social policies that will help more people in need (not just greedy capitalists), 3) lo-fi indie rock with female vocalists
  • Palm trees, sunshine & sand
  • Skiing, music, helping clients close on an awesome house!
  • Family, dogs, walks, chocolate covered gummy bears
  • My VW buses, Brazilian friends, Whiskey
  • The Sunday Brunch with Elle Fine, my terrier Reggie, and a good audible story to listen to while creating stained glass.
  • Fresh air and sunshine
  • My great new job after losing my last job to Covid! And cereal. I love it right now! LOL
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Fly fishing and my nephew
  • Mostly wine. And my dog
  • Yoga
  • Spinning. Cinnamon Bears.
  • Costco microwaveable sticky rice
  • I am working as a librarian in a high school, my husband is home every night and my sassy kid still wants morning hugs before she leaves for school. Life is good.
  • Working on my Sprinter Van, dog walks
  • Skiing on Saturdays, Walking my dog, Reading, Finding new podcasts, Trying new recipes
  • Just “rebooked for the 3rd time” our hotel and plane tickets for Chicago in Nov.! wsmfp!!! fingers crossed
  • Music and cheese. (But rarely cheesy music.)
  • Zoom meeting with my brothers and nieces
  • Sunshine, my Mother
  • Orders UP Delivery
  • My grandchildren
  • 1) tequila 2) tequila 3) tequila
  • Schitts creek, coyotes in Yellowstone and way too many carbs
  • My new house closing! My job! My family!
  • My dogs and great music.
  • My new-to-me KIA Soul. Her “given name” is Dove. Her “street name” is Train.
  • Wine and melatonin, dogs
  • Breathing
  • My family of friends, above zero temperature, sun, art and so forth
  • A cup of really good coffee
  • My rabbits, good food, and plenty of little things to do.
  • 1. Family 2. Friends 3. Music 4. Good food. 5. Good beer...
  • Dopamine and Serotonin
  • Fly Fishing and puppies
  • John Fluevog shoes, Stick figure radio on Pandora, Harley's release of an adventure bike along with the return of Buell.

Seems like family, dogs, wine and music make the top 4!

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